Classic Cars.

Action Automotive Repair offers professional classic car repair services.

If you need your classic car maintained, then look no further.

Customs Hot Rods Classic Cars

Our mechanics understand how to treat your classic ride with the respect it deserves.

Meet The team

OUR Story

“Serving PEOPLE, is what we do.”

Eric Rogers. Owner

Action Automotive Repair in Prescott, AZ

We started in 2004 when our owner, Eric Rogers, decided he wanted to provide better services for the people that he had built a relationship with.

He built these relationships over his many years as a shop foreman for a reputable repair shop.

So he left his employer and started Action Automotive. That way he could finally have the freedom to provide the services that mechanics were meant to provide with no up-selling or dishonesty.

Read any of our reviews online and you’re sure to see how everyone agrees that we are the Best Auto Repair Shop in Prescott Arizona.

That is because our customers know that they are always treated fairly and with integrity.

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Customer Reviews

76 reviews on
Jenny De Smith
Jenny De Smith
Fredrick Walker
Fredrick Walker
Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas
Great experience with this family owned automotive repair center
wade milner
wade milner
Every time I bring in a vehicle for service or repair, the job is always done right and on time, if not earlier. Eric always thoroughly explains what is wrong and what it will take to fix it, and always at a reasonable price.
A Davis
A Davis
I highly recommend this shop! They always go above and beyond to do a great job. The pricing is super fair and they don’t take advantage or talk down to to a female who knows literally nothing about mechanics. Definitely my first choice of mechanic!
Vanessa Gonzalez
Vanessa Gonzalez
We came from out of town for New Years and we had some car trouble the last day before heading home. Turns out there was a part dragging from underneath the car. They fixed it at no charge and in less than 15 minutes. Thank you so much Action Automotive Repair!!!! ?
high plains drifter
high plains drifter
First time I have used these guys. I called for a quote and Eric assisted me. He is obviously a professional and quickly provided a quite for my F250 6.0 Powerstroke. In my opinion, a reasonable quote for the repairs my truck needed. I dropped the vehicle off first thing in the morning. By afternoon of the next day the repairs had been completed…drivers side window motor, glow plug and rear differential pinion seal. I am very pleased with Action Automotive and trust them to work on my vehicles. Josh was also a pleasure to deal with…friendly and knowledgeable.
Lilith Allbright
Lilith Allbright
Dave Chesson
Dave Chesson
I finally found a high-tech shop with excellent service. It took me about 40 days and three shops to finally fix my 2012 Ram diesel fuel-rail issue. My truck might as well be my girl, I get anxious when she's not safe at home. The owner, who I believe is also their lead mechanic, had it fixed and returned in two days. I won't take either of my vehicles anywhere else now. It's a smaller shop, and they definitely stay busy, but if getting it done right is your priority (over possibly having to schedule in advance), here ya go! Quality service, friendly and professional staff, and very reasonable price in comparison to other local Prescott shops.
Brent Boling
Brent Boling
Very nice to experience honest mechanics with reasonable rates and completing the job on schedule.
Automotive Repair, Prescott

Top 5 Benefits of Choosing a Family-Owned Automotive Repair Shop.

When it comes to maintaining and repairing your vehicle in Prescott AZ, choosing the right automotive repair shop can make a world of difference.

In Prescott, Arizona, there’s a hidden gem that stands out among the rest: family-owned, Action Automotive Repair.

With commitment to personalized service, attention to detail, and deep-rooted values, local businesses Like Action Automotive Repair offer unique advantages that set them apart from larger chain auto repair shops.

Let’s explore the top five benefits of hiring a family-owned automotive repair shop located in Prescott, Arizona.

Auto Repair Mechanics in Prescott

#1: Personalized Automotive Repair Service:

Unlike big chain repair shops, family-owned businesses prioritize building strong and long-lasting relationships with their customers.

When you entrust your vehicle to a family-owned shop, you can expect a level of personalized service and care that goes above and beyond.

Auto Repair Shops Like Action Automotive often have a smaller, tight-knit team of experienced technicians who take the time to listen to your concerns and offer tailored solutions to address your vehicle’s specific needs.

You’ll be treated like family, not just another number, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

#2: Decades of Experience and Expertise:

We are a family-owned automotive repair shop located in Prescott, Arizona. We have been serving the Prescott community for over 18 years.

Over the years, they have accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise, which translates into top-notch repairs and maintenance for your vehicle.

Our in-depth knowledge of various makes and models allows us to diagnose issues accurately and efficiently, saving you time and money in the long run.

Best Auto Repair Shop in Prescott Arizona.
Best Auto Repair Shop in Prescott Arizona.

#3: Strong Work Ethic and Integrity:

Family-owned businesses like ours are often built on a strong foundation of ethics and integrity.

We take great pride in our work, and we always go the extra mile to deliver exceptional service. – View Policies

Unlike some corporate garages that might prioritize profit over quality, family-owned shops understand that their reputation is at stake with each customer interaction.

This drives us to provide honest and transparent service, ensuring you only pay for necessary repairs and parts.

#4: Community Involvement and Support:

Automotive repair shops are an integral part of the local community.

They take an active interest in supporting and contributing to Prescott’s well-being.

By choosing a family-owned shop, you’re not only getting your vehicle serviced but also helping to support the local economy and community initiatives.

Our shop often sponsors local events, donates to local charities, and are deeply invested in the success and happiness of their neighbors.

Best Auto Repair Shop in Prescott Arizona.
Best Auto Repair Shop in Prescott Arizona.

#5: Flexibility and Quick Turnaround:

One significant advantage of working with a family-owned shop is the flexibility they can offer.

Unlike corporate chains, they have the autonomy to tailor their services to meet individual customer needs.

This often translates into quicker turnaround times for repairs, ensuring you get back on the road as soon as possible.

Moreover, they are more willing to accommodate urgent repair requests and emergencies, providing peace of mind during unexpected breakdowns.